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Welcome to the vibrant world of abstract art by Yuan Hickman (张元), a Chinese expatriate residing in the UK. Yuan's evocative paintings are deeply rooted in the personal emotion and life experience, drawing inspiration from the nature, culture, and personal introspection.


With a keen eye for cultural nuance, Yuan explores the dynamic interplay between Eastern and Western influences, infusing her artwork with a unique blend of east and west, tradition and innovation.


Guided by the feeling of "unconsciousness is incommunicable," Yuan's creative journey is an exploration of the ineffable, a quest to bring the subconscious into conscious awareness. Embracing spontaneity and intuition, she eschews preconceived notions in favour of allowing inspiration to flow organically.


Discover the openness, sincerity, and adventurous sprit in Yuan Hickman's abstract art, where every piece of work tells a story and invite you on a journey of discovery and introspection.

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