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Welcome to 'Abstraction'—a playground of colours and shapes where spontaneity takes centre stage. Here, I revel in the joy of experimentation, allowing my imagination to roam freely and giving rise to unexpected and unique outcomes.

Much like the syncopated rhythms of jazz music or the art of storytelling in a visual form, each piece in this collection is a journey of exploration and discovery. Through bold brushstrokes and dynamic compositions, I invite viewers to join me on this adventure, where the boundaries of reality are blurred and the possibilities are endless.

At the heart of 'Abstraction' lies a strong focus on colour, each hue conveying its own emotion and inviting viewers to connect with their own stories and experiences. Like a melody that resonates deep within the soul, these colours inspire a symphony of emotions, encouraging viewers to play their own music in the theatre of their hearts.

Red universe / Gravity ,80x100cm on canvas
Come back kid, 80x80cm on canvas
A day at the beach, 70x100cm on canvas
Once were Adult, 70x100cm24x36" on canvas
Searching for mermaid, 50x70cm on canvas
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