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Hi, my name is Yuan. I’m the creator of Zen and Jazz art. I was trained as an architect, but I wanted to paint six years ago when I was expecting my daughter. Then I realised I am drawn to this endless creative process more and more over the years. 


People often ask me what’s my inspiration, I said I don’t have any. But it’s actually my feelings, circumstances, and experience…I found this is hard to tell. I don't feel constrained by techniques when I’m painting, I love the way it happens instinctively, sometimes irrational and incomprehensible. When the brush hits the paper, it creates exciting possibilities. Layer by layer, drama starts unfold, waiting for infinite interpretation.


Nature is a living sculpture. I grew up in a city of China, and always consider myself as a city girl. But living in Sheffield for over ten years makes me appreciate the countryside, and find the beauty and calm within the natural world.

As a Chinese expat living in the UK, I found myself more aware of the difference between the lifestyles. I love western culture and modern designs, but I'm also fascinated with Chinese heritage and ancient philosophy. 


My inspiration also comes from music and stage shows, especially something that has a jazz or swing feel. I like its rhythmic offbeat and romantic mood, but also its  energy and spontaneity. I carry this sensation through a lot of my work.

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