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Hi, my name is Yuan, and I am the creator of Zen and Jazz art. Though my background is in architecture, my passion for painting was started over a decade ago when I was expecting my daughter. Since then, I've found myself drawn to the creative process with endless possibilities.


People often ask me about my inspiration, and while I used to struggle to articulate it, I've come to realise that it's rooted in my surroundings, circumstances, and experiences. I find liberation in the absence of technical constraints when I paint, allowing my intuition to guide me through the process. Each stroke of the brush brings forth a world of exciting possibilities, layer by layer, unveiling a narrative awaiting infinite interpretation.


Nature serves as a great inspiration for me. Despite growing up in a bustling city in China, my relocation to Sheffield since 2007 has deepened my appreciation for the tranquility and beauty of the natural world. My work often influenced by the seasons, weather, and the woodlands near my home, I often take a walk for a tranquility and clarity.


Having been born in China and now residing in the UK, I frequently reflect on my cultural heritage and find myself intrigued by the contrast of Eastern and Western influences. This fusion of cultures permeates through my work, infusing it with a unique and multifaceted perspective."

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